Sometimes 800 words isn’t enough! Over the past few years I have written three full-length books on football. My latest, published in November 2016, is Cup Football an Exploration which is all about cup football from it’s very origins to current questions over its future. It is reviewed here by Football Book Reviews and here by the Football Pink


My curiosity about Sholing Sports a local Southampton side which folded in the 1990s led me to spending some long hours in the reference section of Central Library. they were though happy hours as cranking the microfiche handle revealed many fascinating twists and turns in the clubs history from when they upset the odds to win the Hampshire Senior Cup of 1923 to the time members of the squad underwent hypnotism on the late night TV show The Word in the 1990s. I collated many of these tales into a new history of the club which I believe is the only such book in existence.


Finally there is my first book, an anthology of some of my favourite posts from the first three years of the Row Z blog.Pies, Graphs and Frozen Toes: Row Z 2012 – 2015 is still available on Amazon in both a Kindle version  and a paperback




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