Conference South Attendance Digest

As the season draws to it’s exciting climax, it’s got me thinking… attendances. And where better to start than one of my favourite leagues, the Conference South.

Here are the headline figures



For me though it’s always more interesting to mess around with the stats and try to come up with something more interesting. What I’ve done here is to look at the difference between a clubs league position and it’s position in the attendance ranking.



I’ve done the chart in order of league position and it shows that the worst underachievers are concentrated at the foot of the table. Two clubs, Whitehawk and Farnborough have the same league position as their attendance ranking and the biggest over-achievers – at least in terms of their average attendance ranking – are Weston-super-Mare who have only the 19th highest attendance, but occupy 8th position in the league table.

For anyone following the blog you may remember I did a similar exercise almost three months ago at the end of last year. This allows me to make a comparison with now to see which clubs have gained and which clubs have lost.

changesConfSth14It’s interesting here to see the comparison between the two teams battling it out at the top. Wile Bromley have seen their average crowd increase by almost 100 since the end of last year, Eastleigh – the team who have just pipped them to occupy first place – have recorded a small decrease in their average. Sutton united top the table, no doubt assisted by their 2172 home crowd against Basingstoke which was achieved thanks to a pay-what-you-like admission charge.

Finally here’s one reason why attendances are so important. This graph is what I’ve got from plotting the average attendance figure against league position.

corel cs14


It needs to be pointed out though that causality runs both ways. We can expect a team with a higher attendance to,at this level, have more resources, but also on the pitch attendances will rise if a team starts playing well and winning games, so in effect high attendances can result in success, or be a result of them.


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