FIFA Rankings by federation

FIFA ranking chart


With the World Cup fast approaching I thought I’d So far a World Cup has yet to be won by a nation outside South America (CONMEBOL)  or Europe (UEFA). I made this graph to look at the relative positions of the top rankled nation from each federation to see if the gap has closed, or even opened up, over time.

I’ve taken 20 years of ranking data from the official FIFA website and plotted the position of each of the six FIFA federations highest ranked member in December of each year.

When looking at the graph it’s worth taking into account FIFA’s ranking procedure. The formulae used to calculate ranking points gives greater weight to World Cup Finals games and Confederation level Final competitions (e.g the European Championships). Greatest weight is also given to games against opponents from CONMEBOL and UEFA. This means that although spread over four years the rankings display something of a cyclical pattern, particularly when it comes to the OFC.




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