A few of my favourite things

For my first post of 2014, I’m not going to talk about attendances – Instead I’d like to share a few of the blogs which I enjoyed over the past year:

Football: Wherever it may be

When I started Row Z the aim was to visit  the the-of-the-way and overlooked places where football finds itself being played. So far I’ve managed a handful of venues. Nowhere near the amount of grounds covered by the prolific Laurence Reade. Football: Wherever it may be ranks among my favourite groundhopping blogs for a number of reasons, not least that Laurence reaches the kind of places that others don’t; one day it’s R.C Recrativo Huelva v U. C. Las Palmas and another Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Cumnock Juniors. The writing and photographs are also both good, but most importantly is Laurance’s philospohy: as he says

Groundhopping is the hobby that allows you the chance to visit some truly dismal places, that you’d never travel to normally, yet find real beauty there.

I wouldn’t call myself a groundhopper – at least not yet – but it’s a viewpoint I very much subscribe to.

Hopping Around Hampshire.

A blog in my neck of the woods. The original premise of Hopping Around Hampshire was to visit the ground of every senior football club in the county. This was achieved toward the end of last season but thankfully the blog has continued for another year, travelling further afield by following Hampshire clubs in this seasons F.A Vase. In my opinion the best football writing is when it’s not so much about football, but about things like rusty rollers, and Hopping Around Hampshire has this in spades.

The Football Attic

An Aladdin’s cave of football nostalgia. Football Attic describes it’s purpose thus:

We catalogue collectible football ephemera from the pre-2000 era along with memorable vestages of the day. Whether it’s Panini sticker albums, Subbuteo, Shoot! magazines, old football kits or TV programmes, we aim to show it for all its wondrousness.

More than this though Chris and Rich are two of the nicest people in the football  blogging scene and have done more than anyone to create a sense of fraternity whether it’s in the immensely fun League of Blogs or the more recent Focus On feature.


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