Average Attendances; Southern League Division One South and West

Earlier this week I put this together using figures from the official Southern League website.

southern league attendances

Attendance wise it seems that the biggest crowds belong to the sides from the westernmost parts of the league with Devon’s Tiverton Town leading the pack. Interestingly the front-runners in the Wessex League, Winchester City and Sholing – averaging 169 and 168 respectively – come in at  around the same position as Cinderford Town, given that they could reasonably expect an increase in attendances playing one level higher it would not be unfeasible to see them put in a decent challenge were they to be promoted.

But rather than leave it at just an attendance chart I’ve taken each teams league position and subtracted this from the position in the attendance league to show who is doing much better relative to their attendances and who is doing much worse.

relative attSome of the differences can be explained by the fact that not all clubs have played the same number of games, but Swindon Supermarine aside it’s not enough to really affect league table position.


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