Wessex League Premier Division Average Attendances

What better to do on a Thursday night than work out the average attendances for all the clubs in the Wessex League premier divison? I’ve based it on the figures from the official Wessex League site which aren’t totally up-to-date – and for some reason don’t include any data for Romsey Town, but they give an idea of how the clubs are doing in relation to each other


Four clubs have broken the 100 barrier with Winchester City and Sholing FC neck-and-neck, averaging 169 and 168 respectively. Below them sit the Isle of Wight’s premier club – and current league leaders – Newport (IOW) on 134 and the fourth and final member of the club are AFC Porchester on 109.

Propping up the table are poor old Horndean who average just 29 spectators per game, sad for a club in a nice location (great views over to Portsdown Hill) with a almost brand new clubhouse and some nice matchday food.

Second from bottom Follands Sports provide further confirmation of the suspicion that works teams are never much good at attracting spectators, averaging 38. This also underlines how well Sholing (formerly VTFC) have managed the transition from works team to community club.

Incidentally Sholing were involved in the game with the largest single attendance with 306 people seeing them on their visit to Winchester City. The two lowest single attendances were recorded by Totton and Eling who could only attract 14 to Millers Park for their game against Horndean (Probably not given much of a boost by the travelling support) and 17 for their clash with Newport (IOW)



  1. Romsey usually have around 50 in the ground on a match day, but their attendance is more often than not announced as around 35. They’re one of the clubs that just count paying customers: Totton & Eling also definitely do this. Others seem to count everyone in the ground, whether they’ve paid or not – there seems to be no rule on this. At this level, freebies (club volunteers, opposition officials, ressies, etc) skew the stats somewhat. Other clubs that count paying customers only are Hayling and Fleet Spurs – my head counts at their games were around 15 higher than their quoted attendance. Ringwood’s 40 or so included their entire reserve team who popped over from training in the adjoining field during the match!

    • That’s an interesting point – a bit like the season ticket holder issue with clubs further up the ladder where season ticket holders are counted in the attendance figure regardless whether they show up or not.

      As you say too in the Wessex League the ratio of dignitaries to paying customers can be quite high so it’s right suspect that there may be some skewing going on with these figures. It’d be quite interesting to see how different clubs do their counts.

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